Balls Out – for sports coaches and sports clubs

What is Balls Out?

Balls Out is a licensed product developed for professional sports organisations consisting of a suite of sessions on different aspects of male health to be delivered by sports coaches to young men in schools, pupil referral units, colleges and voluntary and community educational settings.

Balls Out provides sports club community organisations with an off-the-shelf product enabling them to implement work on health issues with young men in their locality. It can enable organisations to be commissioned by Public Health commissioners to deliver health education and promotion work. It is also a product that can be bought in from licensed sports organisations on a one-off basis by educational establishments wishing to cover a health topic.

What is required to run Balls Out?

Aimed primarily at sports clubs and associated community programmes, Mengage will deliver the Level 2 Unit Award in Male Health to coaching and community staff from organisations licenced to use Balls Out; training for sports coaches will also include instruction on the use of the product and the health issues covered in the Balls Out package licenced to a sports organisation. This provides coaching staff with an awareness of male health issues and the knowledge and skills to deliver sessions on specific health topics to young men. To ensure and maintain standards, the product will only be licensed to sports organisations whose staff have completed the Level 2 Unit Award in Male Health and undertaken training in use of the product.



What health topic does Balls Out cover?

Health topic sessions are designed to be flexible and sessions can be integrated to meet commissioning requirements that consider multi-silo health work and to provide a broader understanding of health.
Health topics covered are:

  • Tackling obesity/diabesity and cardiovascular health/ healthy eating
  • Alcohol
  • Substances
  • Smoking cessation
  • Mental health
  • Sexual health
  • Sexuality including homophobic bullying
  • Sun safety
  • Oral health
  • Green health – environmental issues
  • Primary schools – puberty

Young men who take part in Balls Out sessions will be provided with a a basic knowledge of male health issues covered by health topic sessions, what can be done, and where and how to seek help.

What support does Mengage provide?

The Balls Out product is supported by updates and a routine, ongoing verification system to ensure that staff and sessions remain up-to-date and in line with health commissioning requirements.

Where requested and appropriate, Mengage will support organisations in negotiations with health commissioners to ensure that the product (and any other health work) meets specifications and requirements of health commissioners.

If you require further information on Balls Out please contact us.


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