‘In researching options for an input into male-specific health issues, I came across the Mengage website, and was immediately drawn to the MenTalking session. For me, the purpose of including any such input was never about ticking a box, or the long-term benefits to the organisation for reduced sickness. It was about giving male officers and staff a focus on their own health and wellbeing, something they’d probably not had during the course of their education or training, and moreover doing it in a manner that was engaging and would not see them ‘switch off’ with boredom or embarrassment in the first 5 minutes.

Liam’s presentations were certainly engaging, and pitched at the right level for the room. The fact that this was someone from outside of the organisation clearly helped, and in honesty, I doubt whether our HR department would ever have felt comfortable mentioning penile piercings, or how to examine themselves, in casual conversation! Unlike most information they receive, this did not feel like a group of police officers receiving training, it felt like a group of ‘Men Talking’- the whole point. I doubt that any of them will have had this kind of input before, and it certainly was a talking point.”

Inspector Nick Daines
Derbyshire Constabulary
October 2017

(Read here for a further account of the Mentalking session with Derbyshire Constabulary)

About Mentalking

Mentalking – is an informal, community-focussed session aimed at adult men and covers the health topics that concern them.

The session explores strengths-based work with men, utilising aspects of male culture to enhance health, encouraging men to take control of their own health, support others, and to seek support with their own issues.

It is suitable for use in a wide variety of settings including prostate support groups, men’s sheds, with professional sportsmen and athletes, sports clubs,  pubs, clubs and leisure facilities, the military, police and fire and rescue services, in industry and the workplace – wherever men are.

Mentalking  is also suitable for workshops for health and social work professionals, services and commercial organisations, or for community organisations.

If you require further information on Mentalking please contact us.