Help Tracy Save MAN MOT!

Man MOT…so runs the headline on the Men’s Health Forum website.

The Man MOT service staffed by NHS GPs runs 7pm to 10 pm Monday to Thursday; as the MHF website says:

“Man MOT is the Men’s Health Forum’s chat and email service for men – no appointments, no names, just visit and chat to a GP (or send an email). Every night our GPs are at capacity but if we can’t find additional funding, the service will have to close at the end of March.”

Unlike Mensline in Australia, the UK does not have a 24/7  men’s health helpline (although we do have issue-specific services and helplines such as CALM working on male suicide prevention – and Samaritans is of course 24/7, but not a gendered service), hence it is vital that Man MOT is not only kept going – but also expanded. Anyone working in men’s health in the UK will know that it is difficult to gain traction developing work without a men’s health policy to act as a driver of work. There is a need to demonstrate ‘what works’ and how cost-effective relevant gendered services are, thus the importance of keeping a service like Man MOT up-and-running.

Tracy Herd, MHF’s Deputy Chief Executive is running the Brighton half-marathon on 28th February to raise money and awareness. You can support Tracy and Man MOT, and find out more about the scheme on the Men’s Health Forum website or donate via justgiving.