Mentoring  Male

Mentoring Male

Education is one of the social determinants of health. A poor education and lack of educational attainment are implicated in reduced occupational opportunities and social mobility,  and hence poor health outcomes for males. Research points to those men with a higher educational attainment having lower death rates from both common chronic and acute conditions. Those men with a higher educational attainment are also more likely to act on information that promotes health. Which is why education is so important as a driver of health improvement.

Mentoring boys and young men is an important facet of supporting young males through education and the transition from adolescence to adulthood, helping them to achieve their  academic and vocational potential. Our approach is about  action on the social determinants of health and about what enhances male health. Mentoring offers an approach that develops a person according to their strengths, enabling them to achieve and flourish. Mengage are therefore pleased to announce that we will be offering an accredited award in mentoring work with boys and young men to provide a foundation for mentoring work. Complementing this is a 32 page coursebook – Mentoring Male: A guide to mentoring work with boys and young men. The course is aimed at sports coaches interested in undertaking mentoring work, but is also useful for anyone with an interest in mentoring including community workers and school support staff. For further information please contact Mengage at


Sports coaches undertaking the Mengage 'Mentoring Male' course at Inside Football

Sports coaches undertaking the Mengage ‘Mentoring Male’ course at Inside Football