Our Mission

Mengage’s mission is to contribute to improving male health via initiatives that enable practitioners from a diversity of disciplines to inform males about their health and how male health might be improved, supported and maintained. Our work is based on years of practical experience of work with males on health and social issues, backed up by academic research and research-based initiatives that have worked nationally and internationally. Mengage acknowledges that male health encompasses a broad range of theories and disciplines. Mengage Health Policy

We seek to acknowledge this diversity in our work; we do not promote any work on a rights-based or ideological basis. We will always develop work from a practitioner’s perspective to ensure that work ‘on the ground’ effectively engages with males.

Our vision

As practitioners whose work experience includes work in clinical, educational and voluntary settings, we have experienced boys and men presenting with health concerns that could have been avoided or treated earlier with better outcomes, if those males had been provided with health information delivered in a way that was accessible and acceptable to them, presented so that it was clearly understood by the male target group.

Good practice is currently only occurring in fragmented, small-scale initiatives that are often under-funded or subject to continued funding bids. Work is undertaken at the caprice of government strategies that do not take gender into account, or the opinions of commissioning managers who lack knowledge of male health and how structured, gendered work (with both females and males) can make a difference to both health and financial outcomes.

We believe that a substantial male health policy, such as those developed by governments in the Republic of Ireland and Australia is required. This will provide a framework for real action on male health and the fiscal input to ensure that work programmes not only effectively engage with males, but are also widespread, embedded as part of normal health work infrastructure, valued, supported and maintained long-term. We cannot achieve that vision alone, but working with other organisations, groups, and individuals who share this aim, we believe we can make a difference, achieve this vision, and ultimately improve male health.