New Mengage workshops for 2016

WorkshopMengage  have two  new workshops for 2016 to bring to your attention, one directly focussing on a serious male health concern – suicide, and another on a social determinant –  education, a factor known to have  a lifespan affect on male health.

For information on Mengage workshops and improving your practical work with men and boys take a look at our courses and resources.

Male Suicide Prevention Workshop: In Practice


“The leading cause of death of men under the age of 49 in the UK is suicide.” (ONS, 2015)



The Mengage ‘Male Suicide Prevention Workshop: In Practice’ provides professionals and others involved in work with men on this concern with a workshop exploring:

· Motivation: Why men? The complexity of factors influencing men’s consideration of suicide

· Ideation: Processes that men experience prior to a suicide attempt – warning signs

· Prevention: Practical, gender-sensitive, community-based interventions that may prevent a suicide occurring.

The 3½ hour workshop material delivered by two facilitators, is based on research and proven practical work from both national and international perspectives and offers innovative approaches to suicide prevention work that organisations can implement with men in their locale.

Please contact Mengage for further information on content and costs.

Workshop. ‘The Boy Problem’:Raising boys’ achievement – what can schools do?


“Girls are outperforming boys in all the main attainment indicators at key stage 4.”

(Dept for Education, 2015)


‘The Boy Problem’ is a three hour workshop addressing issues and concerns relating to the education of boys that considers:

· ‘The Boy Problem’ – boys participation in education

· Male learning styles

· Misreading males? The importance of addressing literacy concerns

· The male-inclusive classroom

· A whole-school strategy?

· Practical solutions (including working with the hard-to-reach).

This is an evidence-based, experiential workshop delivered by two facilitators; participants will be informed of useful methods to engage and maintain boys interest in education and will be encouraged to consider a whole-school strategy to improve boys achievement.

Please contact Mengage for further information on content and costs.