New Mengage practitioners

Batman and supermanWe’re very pleased to announce that we’ve recently been joined by two new associate practitioners with expertise in delivering work with boys and men – Dave Rose and Paul Talwar Rossiter; we’ll eventually get around to putting up some biographies and mugshots of everyone involved in Mengage on our About Mengage page, but in the meantime here are Dave and Paul’s biographies. Dave will be working mainly with younger people, whilst Paul’s remit is around work with adult men, although we expect occasional crossover of work – we look forward to working with both Dave and Paul:

Dave Rose

Dave is a youth support worker who has been providing a range of programmes, education, support and mentoring to young people for 25 years. Dave has a background in residential social work, is BILD accredited and has worked extensively with young substance misusers. Over the last two years, Dave has worked in partnerships with local schools and families, supporting emotional health and wellbeing concerns and issues. These include: self-esteem-bullying-substance use-body image-stress and anger.

Paul Talwar Rossiter

Paul is a Men’s Health Specialist with a background in Occupational Psychology, Social Marketing and Behaviour Change. Over the last 18 years, he has delivered a range of health insight and behaviour change programmes for large organisations, schools and public health teams to improve understanding of how to reach out, engage and support men and boys to improve their health and wellbeing, specifically with respect to their weight, smoking, stress, emotional wellbeing and physical activity levels.