Press article comment – men and cancer?

Cancer - pressAn article on men and cancer – why aren’t we doing more? by journalist Peter Lloyd (author of Stand by your Manhood)  was featured in today’s Daily Telegraph and is worth a mention.

The article presented men’s burden of cancer – that men are 16% more likely to develop cancers suffered by both sexes – and 40% more likely to succumb from the disease (source quoted as Cancer Research UK); it goes on to explore reasons for this, challenging the ‘men don’t go to the doctor’ maxim, pointing to a lack of male-friendly preventative services and the impact of a social determinant – men’s employment as  factors that inhibit early screening opportunities and put men at increased risk of the disease developing.

Politicians and the NHS as a political football are also singled out as a cause of health disparities between men and women.  What is welcome is to hear Martin Tod, Chief Executive of the Men’s Health Forum comment that the Department of Health has programmes in place that do not benefit men – and signals a need for a UK men’s health policy. Three cheers for Martin!

You can read the full article here: Why aren’t we doing more to stop men dying of cancer?