Press article comment – men and suicide

Sad manA good profile-raising article by Glen Poole in 4th February’s Daily Telegraph on measures that can be taken to address male suicide concerns; the article considers measures taken in Australia to reduce comparative rates of male suicide in that country and the situation in the UK and suggests a move away from deficiency approaches that blame men for poor health outcomes. It’s refreshing from a practitioner’s perspective of looking at health work through a gendered lens to read a commentary that makes mention of a quality that could be considered overlooked  by health planners – having practitioners who are skilled at listening to men:

“Whatever the collective message that men are communicating through their high suicide rates, maybe the reason we’re not hearing it is not because men won’t talk but because we are not very skilled at listening to men.”

You can read Glen’s article here: ONS suicide statistics: 10 ways we can stop men killing themselves