WORKSHOP. Boys don’t cry?: Supporting the emotional and mental health of boys and young men

“Teachers should be given training in working more effectively with boys to support healthier mental and emotional development and the skills to manage health services.”

( The mental health and wellbeing of men and boys: Proceedings of the expert symposium held at Leeds Beckett University on November 6th 2014 )

A 2014 conference held at Leeds Beckett University  – a university hosting the Centre for Men’s Health, explored male mental health and wellbeing with an aim of informing participants about developments in mental health Boy with phonework with boys and men, and implications and suggestions for future policy and practice.  The expert symposium recognised a key mental health role for education and the delivery of PSHE work with boys:

Personal, Social and Health Education should be gender informed/gender sensitive, with greater access to externally supported services; ‘Schools are the ultimate upstream setting which will pay off later downstream’.


Whilst the transition into policy of gendered work is long overdue, recognition of the value of gender sensitive PHSE and that teachers should receive training to support their work with boys and young men is welcome.

 Workshop. Boys don’t cry?

Given a limited number of organisations offering  schools-based training on gender sensitive work with males,  Mengage are pleased to offer a workshop, ‘Boys don’t cry? Supporting the emotional and mental health of boys and young men’ . The workshop is aimed at teachers, teaching assistants and affiliated staff and considers:

  • Act like a boy: what research has to say about the emotional and mental health of boys and young men
  • Issues and concerns: bullying, sexuality, peer pressure, relationships, pornography, body-image, exclusion, pressure to succeed/exams…
  • Being practical: what can schools do to support and enhance the emotional and mental health of boys and young men? Action planning and implementation.

This three hour informal workshop is based on research and proven practical work with boys and young men, providing staff with knowledge about a concern that not only affects school performance but can have an impact across the lifespan – and significantly, an opportunity for staff to consider practical solutions schools can implement to address this concern.

For further information on  workshop content and costs, or related Mengage work concerning boys educational achievement, or mentoring work, please contact Mengage. We look forward to hearing from you.